If you’re stumbling your way through that post-newborn haze and your life is filled with Peppa Pig band-aids, Thomas the Tank Engine sing-a-longs, and you have banana smooshed into at least one carseat… then I’m definitely the photographer for you!

When I arrive at your home, I’ll have a bit of a walk around to look for where the best light is & we go from there.  After that its all pretty relaxed and chilled out, with plenty of time to stop and feed or settle your baby.  So, it’s basically me & your family hanging out while you snuggle your baby.  There’s lots of kissing and cuddling and being totally in awe of the amazing little bundle in your arms because, those chubby cheeks, the soft wisps of hair, and their delicious warm smell… they don’t last long.

Newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home and are perfect for capturing brand spanking new babies.  Because I prefer to work with small groups of immediate family members, rather than large extended family groups, my Newborn Session price includes up to 6 people.