Because you’re here, I know that you’re excited about starting your new little family, and that you can’t wait to be cuddling your squishy new little baby. You’re looking at all the gorgeous families in the photos but you kinda can’t handle the thought of having your own photograph taken right now.

“But Leanda” I hear you say, “I’m 30+ weeks pregnant, I feel as big as a barn door, and I’m still working full-time.  And, even if I could reach over this big belly to my legs, we’re in the middle of renovating so I have no bathroom to shave them in. The last thing on my mind at the moment is a Maternity Session.”

Its ok my lovely, I understand.  Let me tell you right now, I’ve never *ever* had anyone say to me “Oh yay, I can’t wait to have my photograph taken. I love being photographed. Hurrah, its photo time!”  And that’s why I’ve worked so hard to make this easy for you.

Although these weeks feel long, they’ll be over in the blink of an eye, and all of a sudden everything you do will be for someone else.

Do this for you.

Maternity session are best done when you are around 35 weeks.