If you’re looking for someone to come along to your end of year family reunion and take ‘just a few nice photos’ of all 267 grandkids together…Then I’m *not* the photographer for you. Phew, glad I got that off my chest!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone who will be patient with your kids (because they take a while to warm up to strangers). Someone who isn’t going to be horrified if you’re kid picks their nose(c’mon, who doesn’t love the salty goodness of a good nose pick?).  Someone who knows what its like to be knee deep in well, life with kids, then I’m *definitely* the photographer for you!

When you turn up for your Family Session with me, there’s no need to stress!  We’ll just chat and get to know each other a bit, then we’ll get started with your photos.  There’s no need to get your kids to say ‘cheese’ or get upset that they’re not looking at the camera for every single photo.  Just relax, have fun, and I can work out the rest.  I’ll take photos of you & your family that are ‘real’, and I know you’ll love them.

Family sessions can be done in your home, at your property, or another location.  Because I prefer to work with small groups of immediate family members, rather than large extended family groups, my Family Session price includes up to 6 people.