and then there were five…

{Armidale Birth Photographer} {Armidale Birth Photography}

It’s a warm Sunday afternoon and I’m doing the dishes when I hear my phone beep. A text message. Probably my mum. My hands are wet, I’ll check it when I finish the dishes.

My boys run down the hallway asking if it’s time to go to the skate park yet. Not yet, soon though. Dishes are done, bench is wiped. Good, nice and clean.  Oh, the text message. Nope, definitely not from my mum! “just giving you a heads up that we’re having some pre-labour signs over here. Might be tonight, might not :)”

Better get organised. Memory cards empty? Yep. Batteries charged? Yep. Snacks packed? Yep.  Dinner? Hmm. I get out some chicken pieces my man can easily throw in the oven if I get ‘the call’ before dinner. Then I get out ingredients for a curry in-case I don’t. Then it’s off to the skate park, phone in pocket.

Home again and I patch up the scraped knees and decide that no news is good news and start cooking the curry for dinner.  In goes the last ingredient and my phone rings… My heart skips a beat. Yep, it’s time. Gulp. What was I thinking?? I’m not ready for this!!! Breathe Leanda, breathe.

The drive has calmed my nerves and I arrive at the same time as the midwife.  We’re greeted with a smile and a whispered ‘hello’.  I find a corner to put my things in and quietly get out my camera.  I hear the giggles of the soon-to-be big sisters in another room and smell essential oils in the air.

Music is playing softly and the candles flicker gently. It’s peaceful and calm. In come the girls and give mama her ‘birth necklace’ to wear and put on their own so they match her. Out they go again to get ready for dinner and choose some clothes for their new little brother.

Contractions are strong and consistent. Mama moves around the room to find somewhere more comfortable. Rocking hips. Deep breaths. Waters break! It’s time to start filling the pool.

Into the pool. Contractions are getting longer. Closer. Stronger. I hear the change in Mama’s voice. So close now. ‘have a big sigh to welcome the new contraction’ says the midwife. ‘how many more?’ mama asks. ‘not many now’ the midwife replies ‘not many’.

Its time. The girls come in. They’re so excited. There he is. He spins slowly and peacefully in the water. For a moment, that brief moment, there is absolute silence. Up he comes, Earthside at last, into his mama’s waiting arms. And he cries.

Welcome beautiful boy.

Armidale Birth Photographer

Armidale Birth Photographer

Armidale Birth Photographer

Armidale Birth Photographer

Armidale Birth Photographer

Armidale Birth Photographer

Armidale Birth Photographer

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{Armidale Birth Photography} {Armidale Birth Photographer}

7 thoughts on “and then there were five…

  1. Breath-taking, awe-inspiring, life affirming, beautiful … Amazing images – I love that you are so aware of the magic of what you have experienced. Congratulations on your first birth photography session Leanda – and congratulations Mum, Dad, sisters and baby boy … Thank you all for sharing your special time with us xxxxx

  2. Your words and images are so very beautiful, perfectly captured moments that I know this family will treasure forever. x

  3. Gorgeous pictures of my gorgeous family! Everyone should be so lucky to have as amazing and beautiful snapshots in time like these!

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